Should you Buy an IELTS certificate without an exam?


Buy IELTS Certificate online without Exams : You may normally come across an opportunity to buy an IELTS certificate without taking the IELTS exam. But is it a good idea?

Why do people try to buy them?

Difficulty with the test

The first reason to buy an IELTS certificate without an exam is of course that someone may think that it is impossible to achieve the score they need to get into university or live abroad. Maybe it is because their English skills are not good enough and it would take too long to get the required score.

The price of the test

Buy IELTS Certificate online without Exams : Or someone simply will not want to take it for other reasons, such as the cost of the test (if buying an IELTS certificate is cheaper – it may not be, and often it is more).

Lack of testing centers

In some cases, there may not be a test center nearby, making it difficult to take the test.


Laziness is to blame – the temptation to buy an IELTS certificate without an exam can be hard to resist if it’s right in front of you and you seem to be getting away with it.


There can also be a genuine misunderstanding – a potential IELTS candidate could be tricked into thinking that a fake IELTS certificate is acceptable. Or they may believe they are valid on the official IELTS site when they are not.

Is buying an IELTS certificate a scam?

The basic answer to that is yes!

The only officially accepted IELTS certificates are those issued by official IELTS centers after passing the test.

If you are offered one outside of this, they are scammers. You could be charged anything from $500 or more for your fake certificate, and you might not get one at all. Once they have your money, you may not hear from them again and trying to get your money back will be impossible.

What can happen to me if I buy it?

Lost money

  • The most likely scenario of buying an IELTS certificate without an exam is simply that you lose your money.
  • They are scammers who want to get you to part with your money, and they find sophisticated ways to do it. Some have very legitimate looking websites or claim to have special British Council or IDP contacts who can help them.
  • You may have to pay a deposit first and the full amount later. However, in both cases, you will not receive a certificate or you will receive a fake one.
  • All certificates are numbered and registered with IELTS, so it’s easy for them to find out if yours is real or not.
  • prosecution

Buying an IELTS certificate without an exam is actually an illegal activity.

So, if you later wanted to recover your lost money through the courts, you could theoretically face criminal penalties for buying an illegal certificate. This is unlikely, but possible.

Visa cancelled

If you were in a country and your IELTS certificate was found to be fake, your visa would likely be revoked (cancelled) so you would have to leave the country,


If you are found to have used illegal means to get into the country (or have already been there), you could be placed on an immigration blacklist, meaning you could not re-enter that country.

So don’t buy IELTS certificates without an exam!

Hopefully, you have realized that you should avoid buying an IELTS certificate without an exam.

  • It is very unlikely that you will get where you want to be (studying at university or working abroad) and the most likely outcome is that you will lose your money.
  • It can be difficult to do the work required to get the score you want, especially if the score is much higher than your current level. But studying hard and taking the actual test is the only safe way.
  • IELTS, or IELTS certificate is an important step in your education! The International English Language Testing System is a test for people who are going to stay in English-speaking countries for immigration, education or practical training. The test makes it possible to determine the level of English of a non-native speaker. Buy high score IELTS certificate online without taking exams because organizations around the world rely on IELTS to help them select the right people.
  • You need an IELTS certificate if you plan to immigrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand to study at universities in these countries, as well as at Irish, British or American universities. The number of institutions that recognize IELTS results continues to grow worldwide.
  • The IELTS certificate will be valid for 2 years. After this period, you will need to confirm your proficiency level again. But the so-called Cambridge exams group is known for its “permanent” duration. At the same time, these exams have no restrictions on the scope of the application, and schools that recognize the CPE or CAE certificate pay attention to the date of receipt. So for their actual use, “durability” is not an advantage. Buy IELTS certificate online with high score without sitting for exams

What is the structure of the test?

Buy IELTS Certificate online without Exams : You should demonstrate basic language skills during IELTS. The exam is divided into four main parts: listening, writing, reading and speaking. Relatedly, the test is integrated, meaning that the end result is proficiency at all levels. For example, to test your written and spoken skills, you also need to have some information that you have read or heard before.

The IELTS test has two versions:

The academic module is an option for those who wish to study at university or graduate school;

The general module is the version for those who want to go abroad for work or for permanent residence. 30-40% of people who pass this test in Russia choose the second option, and the rest prefer the Academic module.

You will receive your IELTS certificate on the 13th day after the exam.

It should be noted that IELTS is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. People who chose the General module mostly go to Australia (37%), New Zealand (30%) and Canada (27%). But those who pass the Academic Module migrate to the UK and Australia (42% and 37% respectively). If you want to get an IELTS certificate with a high score, it requires adequate training. To help you prepare, try answering the following questions:

How much time can you exercise each day?

Which option will be more convenient for you – to practice individually with a lecturer, to choose special preparation courses or to study on your own?

Try to be responsible when choosing the type of your preparation. Do you have the right materials to prepare for the IELTS exam? who will monitor and review your work? Answer these questions and you will understand which method of preparation you should prefer.

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